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If you would like to share your story about adopting a Guardian Angel Rescue dog, please email us at and it will be featured on this page. Please include photographs, if you have them.

RoninMy name is Ronin and I'm from Texas. They drove me in a vehicle for two straight days in a cage to New York where a nice lady named Gina found me a home with two female dogs that look like me. They are very nice, but the one called Zena keeps taking my toys, but I don't care. I think I will be happy here. The other one named Jasmine is keeping her distance, but I think she'll come around. I love humans and other dogs, but don't fancy cats (sorry ANABELLE). I'm big and strong and have my own bed. Hope to see you soon. ~ Ronin

Wanted to send an email to let you know that Matthias is continuing to melt our hearts, and of those he meets. Know a smart, sweet, even-tempered gentleman, he continues to show what an outstanding Staffy he is! He is sweet the Beagles, and he has a best friend and is very bonded to our female Cane Corso that is now a little more than 2 years. Matthias has also welcomed a foster dog (pit bull) into the home, and blinked an eye! Matthias is now a bit grey around the muzzle, and is the apple of my eye. Thank you for letting us adopt him. ~ Mimi B.

JadeWell Jade has been her forever home for a month already and all I can say is that she is a blessing to have!! She is such a love bug! She is doing great with the whole family and she loves playing outside, and loves chasing the leaves its so funny to watch her! We are working on normal puppy stuff with her and especially with the car she still gets sick but we have had a few trips that she did really well!! I was able to get her all registered with me for Home again so that is all done and I actually just got her new tag this week. I am also attaching a few pictures of her outside. She also decided that she thinks that our ottoman is her own personal seat. But I did want to tell you again thank you she is doing great and we are blessed that she is a part of our family! I almost forgot I wanted to tell you she is so funny at bed time at night she goes out with the other dogs and when we come in she sees me getting the cookies, and she runs right in the bedroom for her crate opens the door and sits and waits for me to come in! I will email again in another month! ~ Thanks again, Stef

SammieWanted to give you an update on Sammie and thank you again for arranging his adoption 5 months ago. He's doing great and is very attached to us now. He goes for 1-2 long walks a day from 1-3 miles. He loves his walks and meeting other dogs. In the house, he follows me from room to room but finds a comfy chair or bed to lay on. At night, he sleeps in his bed in our room, but sometimes he jumps on the bed and sleeps at the bottom. He's very lovable, sweet and calm. He still doesn't play with toys, except one that I put treats in. ~ Thanks again!

RoxyRoxy has brought such joy to our lives and so happy we used Guardian Angel Rescue.  ~ Chris Novello

BellaThis is Bella our second adoption from GAR we started fostering, but didn't want to give her up. ~ Chris Novello

LucyHi everyone! I want to take a minute to say thank you for our gal Lucy (aka Anna). We are so blessed to have her as a part of our family. She is one of the best dogs we ever had. After losing our beloved dog Annabell, we needed a special dog to welcome into our family. We searched for a few days through hundreds of adoptable dogs online, looking for the profile of a dog that seemed like the perfect fit. As soon as we read Lucy's, we hoped we found her.

I have to say everyone involved in the process was absolutely wonderful. Within hours of emailing Gina I received a reply. Within a week we were approved. When we picked Lucy up, Sharon brought her out to meet us right away - what a nice gesture. She took the time to explain everything about Lucy to me; her commands, feeding, basic schedule and her little quirks, too. It certainly helped us a lot when we got home. 

I have adopted through shelters before and without a doubt, Guardian Angel Rescue tops them all. I believe your rescue is truly committed to helping our innocent four-legged friends. You invest your time and your love into these dogs and it shows. I adopted a dog that is loving, friendly and everything her profile said she was... and best of all she was housebroken. Lucy reflects the nurturing she received, the time and love that was committed into making her second chance a success. Your rescue was there for every question and concern I had - educating and informing me of her breed and all the little things even I, as a seasoned dog owner, didn't know. It's been several weeks since the adoption & you're still checking in with us. That, to me, shows how much you really do care. 

As for Lucy, she's doing great! She's crazy, fun and so loving. She brings us laughter and healing. Like I said, she's the best. 

Again, many many thanks to everyone. I appreciate everything you did and still do today. I wish you continued success with your organization. You surpass the "standards" of a rescue with everything you do for these dogs and the families that adopt them. Lucy & I are proof of that. 

By saving one life, you have touch so many more!

All our appreciation,
Caroline, Lucy & "Lucy's kids"

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