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If you would like to share your story about adopting a Guardian Angel Rescue dog, please email us at and it will be featured on this page. Please include photographs, if you have them.

CanonHere's a picture of Canon Zanzarella. We love him so much. He's awesome! He gets along with everyone and is very smart. Thanks so much for your help with everything. Hope you had a great New Years. ~ The Zanzarella Family.

NataniHi, my name is Natani and I have sooo much to tell everyone about me! About one year ago, my mom, Lola (now Lady), sister Tala (now Paisley Jewel) and I were rescued from a shelter in Mississippi by this wonderful lady named Gina and her friend Megan. They brought us up north where we were all adopted by great people. Sharon and her 7 yr. old Rotti boy Apache chose me. He's a great big brother and I do mean big. He's a tall Rotti, weighs 110 lbs. and has this really cool tail that I would try to catch when I was little. When I first met him, I thought he would eat all my food, so I would growl at my new mommy when she came near my bowl. That really surprised her, but mommy spent weeks with her hand in my bowl or hand feeding me, (sometimes one kibble at a time), until I stopped the growling. Now I know to wait patiently until mommy says "OK" and removes her hand. 

What else can I tell you about me? Well, I was a 10 lb peanut when I came to my new home, now I am 80lbs. and very strong. Mommy said something about hooking a dog sled up to me for the winter - whatever. Mommy also has a bunch of names for me: Little Miss, No, Off, Drop It, Don't eat that, Let go, Get that out of your mouth, Trouble, P.I.T.A., WWE Diva (I luv to wrestle), tomboy, LB (for linebacker- I like to tackle Apache), ruff stuff, and tank (I'm short, and at 80 lbs., I'm 25lbs more than my twin sister. Yeah, she's the petite flower, like mom; I guess I took after dad). 

I have a whole bunch of stuff that I like to do: wrestling with Apache and other dogs, playing tug-o-war, running around in the yard like crazy, wagging my nub, meeting new people and pets, playing at my Grandparent's dog park/backyard (they have a whole LOT of dogs in this family to have their own dog park!!!) Some of the things that I dislike are: sleeping past 5am; going to bed, baths (I tolerate them), mommy leaving the house without me (I know she's going to the Pet place again - sooooo many cool toys!!!!), and what mommy calls my sensitive tummy-she says that I can eat some foods, which sucks because EVERYTHING smells good. Why can't I have some of mommy's steak? How bad can that diarrhea thing really be? 

Well, that's enough - for now - there's a lot of that snow stuff outside and I gotta go play in it before it disappears. Thanks again Miss Gina for finding me a great home! ~ Lotsa Love, Natani (Apache and Sharon)

CooperI want to thank you and let everyone know that you run a great organization and are truly dedicated to the animals that you serve.  I feel that you both took the time to make sure that Cooper would be an appropriate dog for our family, and we think you were 100% correct. Cooper is a very friendly, social dog.  My daughters love to take him outside and play with him and take him for walks.  He is now their alarm clock, as he jumps in their bed every morning and wakes them up with kisses.  You were both easy to reach and answered each and every question that we had.  We are so happy Cooper has joined our family and we really appreciate all of your time.  Thanks again.

WinstonWhere do I begin to tell the story of my "gentle giant" Winston, AKA: Rocco, I happened upon him almost by accident & fell in love with his pictures (which did him no justice). I met a wonderful couple on Saturday that had fallen in love with him enough to make sure that he found a good loving home and were so gracious and kind to us that they saw the adoration we immediately had for him. Jennifer truly has the right name for her rescue "Guardian Angel" she truly is just that, (Mine & Winston's Guardian Angel") a warm compassionate person with such a genuine heart and love for these animals and she recognized another "crazy animal person" in me right away! 

Winston is such a sweet dog, he has a gentle nature and just appears to go with the flow of things. He was brought into our home that already has a 5 Year old female English Bull Dog, named Sophie (who has spoiled me for any other breed of dog) and Fenway our 12 year old Boston Terrier. Winston was totally un-phased by them, as they were by him, in 48 hours they all have totally amazed us with their acceptance of eachother.

My new guy "Winston" just needs love & companionship, he is a total marshmallow & has been following me everywhere (which I adore). Anytime I would sit down over the weekend -he would jump up on me & put his big paws on my lap & then he would sneak his entire body accross my lap & all I could do was laugh, what a wonderful dog.. and my newest baby, that I will love and adore forever!

The Rescue is an amazing organization & Jennifer is truly "Superwoman" she gives so much of herself to a cause that is her absolute passion and there is one more dog that is all the better for her devotion and that is my boy Winston, but for as much as she has done for him, she has also help to complete our family of four-legged children, which makes my heart soar!

There is nothing like the love & true devotion you can get from a dog (or any animal) if you are open enough to learn from them and give them what they need, a good home, people who love them and will take care of them - no matter what, because what you get back from them is more valuable than any other friendship you will ever experience.

I know Winston will be with us forever, he is already at home, he loves to ride in the car, he loves to go for a walk, he really loves going to sleep in the window seat & eat but mostly he already loves being with the dogs, my husband & myself. This was a success the moment we heard from Jennifer, I knew in my heart this was meant to be, and I know that I will be a better person for having the opportunity to meet with Jennifer & most deffinently I will be a more enriched, happier person with Winston in my life!
"Thank you" will never be enough to cover my happiness with this entire experience, I am a richer person from the process and the outcome was exactly what I was hoping for! 

Thank you from the bottom of all of our hearts-nothing pleases me more than to know we did a good thing for another dog and that my dogs are richer & happier also to have Winston as their new brother!

With genuine & deepest gratitude!
Best regards,  ~ Cheryl A. Harlow 

JosieI would like to thank Gina for introducing me to Josie. I lost my 13 yr old beagle in December and I was devastated. I have always had dogs and was faced with coming home alone to an empty house. I went on and my heart melted when I saw Josie’s face. The ad mentioned she was timid and this concerned me. I spoke with both Gina and the foster mom and arranged to meet her. Josie was approximately 7 months old but a sweetheart, walking well on the leash and eager to meet everyone. I took her home the next night! Josie has quickly adapted to a life of luxury – sleeping in bed with me and getting new bones or stuffed animals everyday. Josie gives great hugs and has learned to give kisses! She is very intelligent and full of energy – her nicknames are the Energizer Pup & Josie Girl. I can’t wait for the warmer weather when I can take her to dog parks and spend more time outside with her. Thank you Gina – Josie has rescued me as much as I have rescued her!

DodgerI was found a year ago today roaming the cold streets of Stamford, CT. My former owner did not come to take me home, so I was kept in the Stamford Shelter. It was there that I met my Guardian Angel, Jen Hansen, but before she could work her magic, I was adopted out twice and returned twice. My future looked dim. They kept calling me Separation Anxiety Boy but in truth, I was terrified of the crates they kept putting me in.

One Saturday morning in mid December, just before Christmas, Jen came and took me away from the shelter. She drove me to a little house in Rowayton. There I met my new Pack Leader and the rest of my family-to-be. Instead of a crate, I had a comfortable couch that I claimed for mine and could look out the window and see what was going on in the world. 

I love my brothers and sister. We are six pups altogether. . We hike in the woods and go to Fairfield beach all the time. This week I went to the big wood sin Weston. There so much of the world to investigate, and now I can. I love sniffing out chipmunks, eating peanut butter, having my tummy rubbed, sitting next to my mother when she types in the den, sleeping on my mother's bed all night long, playing with my siblings, going for rides, saying hello to everyone on the beach, playing with toys and eating lots of food. I've gained weight though my mother says I have a fast metabolism cause I eat Puppy food and don't gain that much. 

Because of my Guardian Angel, I've died and gone to heaven.

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