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NOTE: Guardian Angel Rescue is not a breeder.  All breeds of dogs and puppies are determined by an educated guess.  We do not know the backgrounds of these animals and we do the best we can to provide accurate information.

Application Requirements:

Guardian Angel Rescue reserves the right to refuse any application for any reason. Guardian Angel Rescue bases placement decisions on finding the right home for our rescues. 

All applications must be filled out entirely. All fields are required to be answered (unless otherwise stated) and any application submitted with missing information will not be considered. 

Guardian Angel Rescue will not consider any application that is submitted for anyone other than the primary applicant. Our rescues dogs may not be given away as gifts or for any other reason. 

Guardian Angel Rescue requires proof of residency. No renters allowed. Mortgage must have applicants name on it. 

All applications submitted should be done so with full knowledge of all family members and with the intent to adopt if approved. Guardian Angel Rescue requires all members of the household (including anyone renting space in the home and any animals) to meet with a Guardian Angel Rescue volunteer and the desired dog or puppy prior to adoption. 

No person under the age of 23 will be allowed to adopt from Guardian Angel Rescue. Proof of age will be required. 

A reference check is required prior to approving any application. 

All pets in the home must be spayed or neutered in order to adopt a new pet.

A vet reference is required on this application. No application will be considered without a vet set in place to care for the adoptive dog or puppy. We will be contacting the vet reference on this application, so please make sure they are aware of this. 

Should you not have a fenced yard for the dog or puppy, please understand that frequent walking and exercise is required. If you work full time and or the dog or puppy will be home alone for more than 6 hours on a daily basis, please take the time to find a dog walker or program that will assist in exercising and walking during these stretches of time. 

No Guardian Angel Rescue dog or puppy is to be used for any other purpose other than an indoor family member. Dogs and puppies may not be left in yards, chained to trees, or used as guard dogs. We do follow ups. We will take our dogs back.

You must take the time to consider all aspects of responsible ownership, including training, behavior problems that can arise, future medical issues that can arise and any changes in daily activity that will occur with the addition of a new member to your household. 

A phone interview will follow the application process. Please specify the best time and contact number for this interview.

You must agree to and sign the contract form prior to adoption. (The software to view, save, or print Adobe Acrobat documents is available free from the Adobe website.  To get a free copy of the software, please click here).

Adoption Application Form:

This application will take about 15-20 minutes to fill out and requires information including personal references, vet references (if applicable) and work information. Please have this information available prior to beginning the application process. Please read carefully and agree to the following terms and conditions by checking each item before completing the adoption application: 

I realize that the vet care for a pet can cost over $1000 per year and I am willing to accept this responsibility. 

I agree to pay between $150 and $400 adoption/donation fee for the puppy/dog I adopt. 

I am over 23 years of age. 

I realize if my application is missing any information, my application will not be processed. 

I am ready to adopt within 7 to 10 days. (It may take longer, but we need to know you are ready and not shopping around) If not, please apply when ready.

PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH DOG OR PUPPY YOU ARE INQUIRING ABOUT SPECIFICALLY, if you are interested in more than one puppy or dog, please list them as well. If you do not see the breed/mix you are looking to adopt, please let us know what type of puppy or dog you are looking for.

Name of Dog 1:
Name of Dog 2 [optional]:
Name of Dog 3 [optional]:

Applicant Information

E-Mail Address:
Home Phone:
Work Phone [optional]:
Cell Phone [optional]:
Street Address:
City, State:
Zip Code:

Best method and time to contact you:

Two personal references are required. Relatives may not be used as references, and references must not currently be residing in your home.  Please inform each of your references, including your vet, that someone from Guardian Angel Rescue will be contacting them via phone call.  Please make sure their contact number can be reached during the daytime.

Reference 1
Street Address:
City, State:
Zip Code:

Reference 2
Street Address:
City, State:
Zip Code:

Please enter your veterinary office information below.
Name of Veterinary Office:
Street Address:
City, State:
Zip Code:

Please list all pets residing in your house. Include type of pet, breed, age, and amount of time you have owned each pet. If you have no pets, enter "N/A".

Are all pets current on their vaccinations? If you have no pets, select "Yes".
Yes / I have no pets

Are all pets neutered or spayed? If so, enter "Yes". If not, why? Please describe. If you have no pets, enter "N/A".

Are there any aggression issues in the home with current pets? Examples include resource guarding, protectiveness, possession of a family member, etc. Please describe. If you have no pets, enter "N/A".

How would you deal with aggression from your current pets towards a new pet? If you have no pets, enter "N/A".

Please list all people currently living in your home and their ages, including yourself.

Have you or any member of your household been bitten by a dog? If so, are there any fear issues? Please describe.

Are there any members of the household that have allergies to dogs? And if so, how will these issues be dealt with?

Do you currently work with or volunteer with any rescues or shelters? If so, where do you work/volunteer and what do you do for them?

Type of dwelling:
Other (Please list)

Approximate square footage:

Do you own or rent? If you rent, please provide your landlord's full name and phone number.
Landlord's Name:
Landlord's Phone:

Please describe your neighborhood setting:

Please describe your street setting:
Main Road
Dead End Road
Side Street

What type of yard or area will the puppy or dog be playing and exercising in routinely?

Is there any barrier to prevent the puppy or dog from leaving the property, such as metal fencing, electric fencing or stockade fencing? (All of those who are willing to get invisible fencing must have a professional install the fencing and train the puppy or dog at age appropriate time - proof will be required) *Absolutely no do-it-yourself electric fencing will be allowed by Guardian Angel Rescue.

How is your fencing secured to protect the dog or puppy from escaping or anyone/any animal from coming into your yard?

Please describe the space where they puppy/dog will be living and playing when family members are at home.

How long will the puppy/dog be left home alone?

Where will the puppy/dog be left when home alone?

What is your method of discipline?

How will you handle accidents on the floor, (as most puppies/dogs will have accidents until a routine is learned by both pet and owners, approximately 48 hours to 2 weeks)?

Have you house trained any puppies or dogs in the past?

Are you willing to take absolute responsibility for all medical needs, should any arise?

Will children be depended on as part of caring for the pet? Please note that we encouraging children to be a fundamental part of a dogs/puppies care, however, they should not be dependent upon them for all aspects of care.

What are regulations in regards to dogs in your area? Such as limit to how many pets in your dwelling, licensing, any ordinances that may conflict with this adoption. Please take the time to find out any and all ordinances or laws prior to adoption.

Guardian Angel Rescue requires a home visit prior to adoption, do you give permission for a home visit?

When is the best time to do a home visit. Please note that all household family members and pets are required to be home for the visit. No exceptions will be made.

Have you given a pet away in the past, and if so, why?

What would cause you to return the puppy/dog?

Should behavioral issues arise that effect the household in a negative way, would you obtain assistance to help, such as a professional trainer, prior to surrendering the puppy or dog back to Guardian Angel Rescue?

Do you have a current application with any other rescues or shelters? If so, are they actively working with you for adoption of one of their dogs or puppies?

Have you been turned down by any other rescues or shelters?

If your application is approved, in what time frame are you looking to adopt a dog or puppy?

What requirements do you have for a dog or puppy? Examples include, but are not limited to, size, age, and housetraining.

Please feel free to add any additional information that you feel might be helpful to us in reviewing your application. [optional]

By checking the box, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Guardian Angel Rescue adoption policies.

By checking the box, you acknowledge that you will immediately contact your vet to release information to Guardian Angel Rescue. Should Guardian Angel Rescue be told by your vet that they will not release the information, Guardian Angel Rescue will not process your application.

By checking the box, you acknowledge that you have read the petfinder profile of the dog/puppy that you are applying for and agree to the adoption fee in that profile.

By checking the box, you acknowledge that you are the applicant and all information provided is accurate and true.

Guardian Angel Rescue would like to thank you for your time and interest in applying to adopt a new family member!

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