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If you would like to share your story about adopting a Guardian Angel Rescue dog, please email us at and it will be featured on this page. Please include photographs, if you have them.

SophieSophie is the GREATEST little pooch. We love her so much. Here are a few pictures of her. She is so smart and has learned a bunch of tricks.

ChumleySo after years of wanting a dog I decided to look into adoption. My experience with Guardian Angel Rescue was incredible, I received immediate responses to all my inquires and they even brought Chumley to my house for the first visit. Needless to say Chumley never left!

So about my new Buddy Chumley! He is a boxer mix and the sweetest dog I have ever met. After only a few hours he was sitting on the couch and following me around everywhere! He has only barked twice in over a week, played nice with a few of the dogs in the neighborhood, perfectly house broken and loves tummy rubs.

My two kids are already in love with him. My son was so excited when Chumley decided to sleep with him last night as shown in the attached picture. I could not have asked for a better experience or a more perfect new best buddy!

I applaud and thank Guardian Angel Rescue for their work and making my life much fuller with happiness. ~ Christopher Pond

Shelby I wanted to thank you for allowing us to adopt Shelby into our home. She has been the best addition to our family. At first we were extremely nervous about bringing another dog into the family, but we felt that our son Charlie (our other dog) needed some companionship. I have to tell you that it was the best decision we ever made. Charlie loves her so much. He can’t stop kissing her, and playing tug-a-war with her. He is an absolute mess when she is not around him. In the beginning, it took Shelby some time to adjust. She was extremely skittish of loud noises and was extremely afraid of large trucks going down our street. It was an obvious sign that Shelby had a hard life prior to being rescued. Now, nothing bothers her. She is excellent with other dogs and loves to go for a swim with Charlie at a lake by our home and loves sleeping in our bed. I wanted to thank you Gina for all that you do and tell you that it was a pleasure working with you. I always tell Shelby that Gina asked about you today. Thank you ~ Maria Santos

BellaI rescued a female Maltese from you back six months or so ago! Her name at the time was Daisy, we currently call her BELLA. I have been neglectful in writing, and also to her foster mom, who I have forgotten her name and swore I would never. She was so wonderful to her and myself as well, when meeting with her. It has been a very busy time since Bella has joined us in our home as a member of our family. We wanted to share a beautiful pix of her and let you know that she is absolutely WONDERFUL. We are wondering if she knows how much she is loved by ALL, everyone that meets her FALLS IN LOVE IMMEDIATELY. She is truly the light of our lives each and every day and we wanted to be sure to say THANK YOU again for her. ~ Debra Raniolo

WillowI hope you remember Willow, who you rescued and adopted out to me a little over a year ago. I wanted to drop you a note of appreciation and let you know that Willow is doing really well and is quite happy. She is such a character! As you noted, she is so smart. She knows all of her commands and doesn't hesitate for an instance to comply. She has such a playful spirit, that you rarely see her without a tennis ball or some toy in her mouth. It's funny, she brings them as a gift when she comes over to you, dropping them in your lap. Every morning I wake up with a few "offerings" on my pillow, and of course to Willow's smiling eager face (see attached image). Everywhere we go, or whenever people visit, Willow wins people over instantly. We really enjoy having her as part of our odd little family (Tim, my fiance, me, Scout the cat and Willow). ~ Laurie Shedrick

BanditBandit (aka Scooby) is doing well. He acclimated himself to our family right away. He's about 28 pounds right now so he's growing well. He loves his friends at puppy training and made a bunch of friends in the neighborhood. Here's one picture of him with our friend's 120lb golden and another of him watching my boys play catch in front of the house. Thanks for being such a great foster mom to Bandit. ~ Jen

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