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If you would like to share your story about adopting a Guardian Angel Rescue dog, please email us at and it will be featured on this page. Please include photographs, if you have them.

RockyGuardian Angel Rescue is the best rescue out there who's top interest are finding their animals the best home. Gina is the special star who's running it. After speaking with Gina for what type of dog we were looking to extend our family with. Gina found the best dog for our family. Adding Rocky to us was the best thing! He's such a great dog that completed our furry family. Without Gina and the girls these dogs would go nowhere. Gina is such a strong determined person, I can't thank her enough for all she does, and these dogs can't thank this angel enough either! We love Guardian Angel Rescue!!!

DakotaMy introduction to Guardian Angel Rescue (GAR) has forever changed my life. Having been a previous Rottweiler owner, I had a strong love for the breed. Also having two young kids, I wanted to have a dog who will love & protect them. I spent much time with two other Upstate NY Rottweiler Rescue organizations, but my application kept getting overlooked. I had a home, with a fenced yard, young, a friend referred me to GAR where I met the most amazing woman behind the organization. Gina's compassion, persistence, and dedication in helping me/my family find our newest family member was amazing. Although it was a non-typical adoption story, in the end we finally got our 3.6 lb baby Dakota home with us, and I owe so much of our family's happiness to Gina--who believed in us & Dakota!! Much love, prosperity, and respect for Gina & GAR!! ~ Krissy from Albany

TriggerTrigger has been amazing. I really can't say enough good things about him ( and I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me rave about him). Now that I've really gotten to know Trigger I completely understand all the great things you told me about him. I had no idea how we could bring in another dog after our dog passed in June, I couldn't imagine a new dog here. But Trigger has quickly become one of the family. He is a 90lb sweetheart and we all (even Maybel) love him! He's by far the easiest dog we've adopted, but that's not why we love him- that's just a bonus. I really can't thank you enough for rescuing him in the first place, and then giving him to us. ~ Maria

CharlieHi Gina, just wanted to let you know that Charlie is doing great! He's really settled into our family and we love having him. The kids love him to death, and can't pass by without hugging and petting him (especially after he was just groomed!). Thanks again for putting us together and keep up your good work! ~ Melissa

RubyI can't thank Gina and Guardian Angel Rescue enough for My Ruby. She is a 5 year old sweet, polite, well trained Rottie. Ruby is my third rescue and she forms a pack with Prince (German Shepard) and The Binks (Pitty/lab mix). From the beginning Ruby fit with us and she seems to really love being with the other two dogs. 

Ruby is a great swimmer, non stop ball retriever and loves 10 mile hikes on the Appalachian Trail. Ruby and Prince are the best field dogs I have ever had. Never far away and very responsive to verbal commands. I had never owned a Bully Breed, much less three, and had the misconception that Rottties and Pit Bulls were dangerous. Ruby is smart,gentle, loving and easy going. She loves affection and thinks she is a tiny lap dog instead of a 90 lb drooling beast. I love all my dogs, but as for a specific breed I find the Rottweiler most appealing. 

The size, temperament, intelligence, power, and grace of these big dogs is just awesome. I have thanked Gina many times for finding Ruby for me. She and Guardian Angel welcome you like you are family. She loves all the dogs and opens her home and heart to each rescue. It's been my honor and a true blessing for me to have Ruby and have met Gina and Guardian Angel Rescue. ~ Luke, Prince, The Binks, and My Ruby

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