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If you would like to share your story about adopting a Guardian Angel Rescue dog, please email us at and it will be featured on this page. Please include photographs, if you have them.

KyaGuardian Angel Rescue is appropriately named, not only because of Gina who is an angel, but because Kya, to us has been a godsend. We were going through a bad period of time, you know how that can be, how every time you were over one bump there would be a hill, then a mountain. Then suddenly, we lost our girl Lexi. Neither of us, including our boy Hunter (Dobie), seemed to be able to move past it. For months nothing seemed really right. We talked about getting a puppy and even contacted our breeder, but our hearts were just not truly into it. After finding and seeing so many dogs abandoned and in need of a home, I guess in a way it struck a cord with us. We were going through some rough times, but we had some control over our outcome where these pup's had no say in theirs. Then we happened across Kya and Guardian Angel Rescue and of course Gina. Sometimes things are just meant to be. Kya, who was literally thrown away, came into our lives, is a part of our family, and we love her every minute of every day (except Hunter who only loves her 95% of the time because she won't allow him to be the lazy dog in the morning that he wants to be)... 

Thank you Gina for doing what you do. It truly takes a special person. And thank you to all the other Angels that Kya met along the way to find her the "forever" home.

ShadowWe first met Gina in August 2011. She showed us another dog, but he wasn't the right fit. I called Gina the following week to ask if she had any other dogs or puppies to show us. To our amazement she had just posted "Fuzzy Wuzzy", (of course his name is now Shadow, from the movie Homeward Bound).

Just 5 days after we took Shadow home, he started to get lethargic, vomited and had diarrhea. I immediately called Gina. She told me to get him to the Vet. The Vet took all kinds of tests and concluded Shadow had Parvo and needed to stay in isolation for 5 to 7 days. We were devastated, all four of us (Gina too) stayed up all night crying and praying. We went back to see him every morning, afternoon and evening for the time he was there. The vet made us aware there was a high probability that Shadow was at high risk and might not make it, even after all the care. We loved him, but the fees were increasing as each day past. I relayed all of this to Gina, who by the way kept in touch with me at least 5 times each day, checking on the "boy". She told me to get him the care he needed and she had already posted an "on line fund raiser" and not to worry. 

After 4 days Shadow started to improve and on day 5 he came home, and as you can see, he is just "PERFECT".

We want to thank Gina and all of you from the bottom of our hearts for contributing to the care of Shadow. ~ Paul, Christine, Brandon, Shane, Tiger, Lady and SHADOW

ColbyWe adopted Colby just a couple of weeks ago and we are all head over heals in love already! Colby is so funny and smart and has learned really quickly that sitting boys get cookies! We had lost our yellow lab, Mackie, back in November and our hearts were broken, but worse than that, was seeing Sophie, our 6 year old black lab mope around with a broken heart of her own. Sophie was not the same after she lost her partner and I kept thinking she’d come around. I browsed petfinder while my family begged for a puppy, but I was firm, No Puppies! I saw Colby’s pics and knew I was in trouble…. I knew right away that he was just meant to be with us! Sophie is happier than I have seen her in a very long time, Colby is just what she needed! Thank you Gina for choosing us to be his forever family. I appreciated your contact with us throughout the process and your advice following. ~ Jodi, Ed, Leah, Annie, Connor James, and Sophie too! 

(I'd sign for the cats too, but they're still not so sure they are thankful)

QuinnThis is Quinn. He was adopted in August 2011. Gina and I talked, texted and emailed each other (a lot). Gina knew I was looking for a female Rottie only because they are a little smaller than the males. But as we talked, Gina asked me one day if I would consider a male. So I said sure. They are bigger, but I live alone. She told me she had just got this wonderful male Rottie that was dumped in a park. She sent me some pictures and when I drove to NY to see him I fell in love with him right away. He was a little thin when Gina found him. He was 1 1/2 years old at 93 lbs. Now 2 1/2 month later he is at 108 lbs. I don't know why anyone would dump this big boy, but they say there is a reason for everything. God wanted me and Quinn to be together. A little bit of training and a lot of love made this big boy one of the best dogs I ever had. Thank you Gina for everything you have done for the two of us. ~ Don

SpikeI'm so in love already, he is just soooo adorable. I feel so lucky to have found him and I'm very thankful to you both for rescuing him. :) ~ Victoria

ArmondoWe wanted to say thank you for finding Armondo. We are all in love with him. Happy Holiday's from the Coitino Family!

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