Many ways that you can help out rescue dogs.

1. Foster a dog
2. Adopt a dog
3. Transport a dog
4. Donate a dog bed, towels, or other bedding
5. Donate MONEY
6. Donate a Kong - a Nylabone - a Hercules - a Buster cube
7. Donate a crate
8. Donate an exercise pen or baby gates
9. Donate a food dish or a stainless bucket for a crate
10. Donate a leash
11. Donate a collar
12. Donate some treats or a bag of food
13. Donate a harness
14. Walk a dog
15. Groom a dog
16. Donate some grooming supplies (shampoos, combs, brushes, etc.)
17. Make a few phone calls
18. Complete applications
19. Drive a dog to and from vet appointments
20. Donate wee wee pads
21. Attend public education days and try to educate people on responsible pet ownership
22. Donate a gift certificate for a pet store
23. Donate a raffle item if we are holding a fund raiser
24. Donate flea stuff (Advantage, Frontline, etc.)
25. Donate heart-worm pills
26. Donate a first aid kit
27. Provide a shoulder to cry on when the rescue person is overwhelmed
28. Pay the boarding fees to board a dog for a week or two
29. Be a part time foster to give the full time foster a break for a few hours or days

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